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Shouting Out Feelings about Covid-19

It’s been such a long, long time since life was normal. And today, with the surging cases (again), the hope of this virus situation ending soon dwindled into non-existance… We were all frustrated, including my 7 year old. As a happy-go-lucky child, she can usually find fun things to do. But that doesn’t mean she…

The Strongest Spell

It’s about the Nth time that S said “I can’t do it” to every single little thing that she only tried once. I’ve been trying to nudge her here and there about sticking with it to find a solution instead of keep repeating “I can’t.” Here she said it again… I had to think of…

Mommy Is the Tooth fairy

A couple months ago, when S lost her first tooth, she was all excited about getting a few shiny coins and a letter from the tooth fairy. She put her tooth in a nice little plastic bag and wrote a thank you note to tooth fairy. She waited as long as she could at night…